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Dad, Husband, Owner ASAP Towing & Road Service, RN, Paramedic

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In business since October 2005, after Katrina rearranged the landscape. 10 years previous experience from 1984-1994, 5 of those working form someone else, and 5 on my own. Now I'm an RN/Paramedic, but I just couldn't stay away.

September 2015 update...10 years and counting. It's amazing how time flies. We're now the largest service on the east side of St. Tammany Parish (that's county for all of you outside of La.) We're now running (4) flatbeds, (1) service truck, (1) tractor / Landoll, (1) 16 ton, (1) 20 ton, (1) 30 ton, (1) Pete 379 w/a Zack 303, and (1) NRC 5065 sliding rotator on a KW T800. Some days I think it's suicide, others it's a complete kick in the ass. Couldn't do any of it without my amazing family.

My Hobbies

Cuttin up with my 2 boys, Towing, Fishing, Flying, Emergency Medicine, not necessarily in that order depending on what day it is...